product detail
4-channel smart battery charger
material: metal abs
color: gray(can be customized)
brand: repower
application: apply to test smart batteries of laptop computers, medical devices and electronic tools

brief functional introduction

■ this battery charger is designed specifically for smart batteries of laptop computers, medical devices and electronic tools.
■ the charger can automatically recognize the battery model and select the charging pattern, thus no pre-settings are required.
■ there are 4 charging ports on each charger, which can charge 4 laptop batteries of different models simultaneously.
■ the charger can activate and charge the battery automatically even for low voltage batteries stored over time.
■ the charger is able to conduct simple charge/discharge test to check the battery functions.
■ the led display on the charger indicates the current battery capacity and it will constantly change through the charging process.
■ cable connectors applied to different battery models can be provided to users when it is necessary.
■ advanced functions can be operated via the supporting computer software, gas gauge date can be retrieved from the battery for analytical purposes to ensure the pack performance and quality.

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